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Busy week!! | Locksmiths Poole

Been a busy one so far this week. Had a call from a guy in Bovington locked out on a BS deadlock. Later found out another locksmith from Wareham had been there and drilled an enormous hole in a metal skinned door. This locksmith (said loosely) then just packed his tools away said sorry i cant do it and left!!!! It was a chap called Stuart with a white van from Wareham.

Very strange, i would never leave a customer like that but then again, i would never be in the situation anyway.

Had another chap trying to fix his own MPL system and asked me for advice, 2 hours later he is calling me asking me to go fit it as he cant get it to work. Why do people try these things themselves? Still keeps me in work when they cant do it.

I try to advise all of my customers on how much i have saved them compared to the rip off call centres operating in this area. This week so far i have saved my customers a total of £635 compared to what the call centres would have charged. I know because i used to work for one of them so i know what they charge.

Be safe and keep ya doors locked.



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