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Good start to the new year. | Locksmiths Christchurch

Well so far, apart from the dreaded MAN FLU!!! It has been a great start to the new year on the work side of things.

The other day i missed a call, (something which i dont do very often), so i called it back and it was engaged. So i left it 10 minutes and called back again, the woman informed me that she had got “another locksmith” now as i never answered. I asked her the name of the company and when she told me who, i let he know some home truths about this company and how they would charge her £90 to get her in, she told me they had said £75, not £90. I informed her that they then add 20% VAT to which she said they never told me that.

Anyway, after a few minutes persuading her to call them and cancel, i did tell her they may well threaten court action etc to get money out of her as they always do. i told her not to worry because as a Trading Standards Approved locksmith, i know they are NOT allowed to charge you anything unless the paperwork is signed before any work is done saying that you agree to the charges.

So i quickly shot over there to get her in and i charged her £45, half the price of the rip off call centre, so i saved her £45 immediately.

She did inform me that they were not happy she cancelled and stated the locksmith was on his way and had to turn two jobs down to go to her because she was locked out!! that old chestnut. and as a good will gesture, she should pay the £75 plus VAT. The ladies answer was awesome, well as a good will gesture, i will ignore that remark and not inform trading standards, merry Christmas. and she put the phone down.

It just goes to show, if you ever call a locksmith, ask to talk to the locksmith direct, or if they ask you for a reference number from their ad then its a call centre that will take as much money as they can off you.

I hope you have found this useful and will continue to read my blog, i will be updating it as regular as i can.

Lastly, a very happy new year to all my customers, new and old.


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