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Locksmiths Poole | Been working hard

Well i have again been working very hard to get a good name and keep it though you cant keep everyone happy!

One customer who was locked out of his UPVc door called me out. I did what i usually do, go out to look for free with no charge whatsoever. Once there and after getting the door open, i took out the mechanism to show the customer what the problem was, the gearbox had broken and what i call popped out of the back of the case. I informed him how much to replace as it was repairable.

Customer agreed, signed all of my paperwork before i started the replacement as i am trading standards approved and then i began.

Over all it took around 30 mins as i had to make some adjustments to the faceplate of the mech. I think from arrival to completion it was around 50 mins.

Well gentleman paid me, i left all the paperwork, informed him of his 12 month guarantee on the parts fitted and also left feedback cards for checkatrade and trading standards. He was a happy man as it was fixed the very same day.

3 days later he called me, not that there was a problem with the lock etc, no, but because when filling out the feedback cards he decided to look online at the price of the parts i had fitted. He saw the parts on ebay for £20!!!!

Needless to say he was not happy about this so he called me to complain. I informed him that he never knew what parts were needed with out me opening the door, also that you can buy everything cheaper on the internet! He was not interested and informed me he would complain to trading standards and checkatrade so i left it at that.

Well 4 days later, lo and behold, trading standards contacted me regarding this, they were not that interested really but wanted my side of the story to which i gave them, all paperwork was signed correctly and they could not understand his feedback he gave me as he had given me the lowest marks possible on the card but also mentioned that he would recommend me to friends and family!!!!!!!!

I know this should have no bearing but this chap lives in a house that is worth around (this is a guess) £750,000 he has several boats in his garden and he was moaning about my prices. I just wish he had called one of the rip off call centres near to me, that would have been fun then.

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