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Be very careful when calling a locksmith in the UK

Poole Key Locksmiths Ltd – Locksmiths Bournemouth are your local independent locksmith.

We do not charge for on site quotations unlike one national call centre who charge £102, yes £102 for a quote!!!!

These companies advertise in the usual directories that come through your door but they also advertise under several different company names. They do this all over the country but they do not employ any locksmiths, no, they use freshly trained locksmiths in all the different areas. You can usually tell these call centres by a reference number somewhere within the ad. These companies charge around £85 per hour plus VAT. If you cancel before they arrive, they try to make you pay the full amount, even when they have not done anything.

Don’t be fooled into thinking they have accreditations in locksmithing as there is no such qualification in this country, in fact there is no formal locksmith qualification in this country.

Companies advertise they have formal qualifications and that their locksmiths also do to fool the public into using them. Please be very carefull.

When you call ask if your speaking to the locksmith direct and not some young person reading from a script.

Calling Poole Key Locksmiths on 07717710361 you will speak directly to Lee the business Managing Director and the only one working for us. Rest assured you will be talking to a locksmith that has been approved by Trading Standards, vetted by Checkatrade registered with Dorset Police and a member of the UK Locksmiths Association.

Do not call the rip off call centres unless you are prepared to part with lots of money.

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