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Advertising scam

There is a company called Coast Business Directory based in Bournemouth that give you all the spiel about how Checkatrade is rubbish and that its getting bad reviews and before long will cease trading. They did this to me, a lady called Charlotte Smith (Charlie), she is one of the partners in this business.

You have to pay upfront for advertising, they promise you page one of Google for all your adwords but to give them time to set it up etc.

I did fall for this, along with others i know that have since contacted me regarding the same woman when she used to be a partner in a differently named business that suddenly stopped trading, but its still the same address so i am told.

Well for months i have been trying to get my business up to where they promised via their media on Google (i already come up high with this blog and my website anyway). I eventually asked for a refund because after 5 months i was still no where near what they had promised.

All of a sudden they inform me they dont give refunds, so i start legal proceedings which has dragged on. I called the courts in February to find out what was going on to be informed that i should get a letter soon. No letter, that is until last week

I get a letter from the courts telling me that as i never turned up for mediation, the case has been thrown out!! How on earth you can go to a meeting you dont know about i will never know.

I called the courts, i have to pay £100 to get it reopened…………………………..

Not willing to so i have taken to social media to let everyone know about this company that likes to take your money but not give it back.

Within an hour of me posting about this on facebook and twitter and the coast business directory facebook page, they suddenly closed their page, it dissapeared. Now, if you have nothing to hide then wouldnt you go on and explain things? I know i would instead of closing your page totally.

Well, this woman Charlie, then calls me the next day giving me a load of lies as per usual saying they dont give refunds, then the next breath telling me they have half refunded two ex customers!!

She also lied about one customer who is also a friend of mine telling me she told him to cancel his cheques, he informs me he cancelled them on his own and also had strong words with her.

So please be aware of this company, Coast Business Directory based in Columbia Rd Bournemouth, they give you a load of twaddle to get your business make you pay upfront and when they start to forget ignore you that means they dont care, you have then lost your money.



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