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Past month

Well, its been an interesting one, that’s for sure.

Getting lots of late night calls, lock outs, but for some reason, they all want you to go out at 1245am, 215am & 3am for nothing!!!

Also getting lots of calls for quotes, now i try my best not to quote on the phone for a few reasons, one being one particular national company (they are not locksmiths) getting their staff to call round for prices regularly. I always try to quote on site. Though i have found out the so called national locksmith company is actually trying to undercut us real locksmiths. They wont be able to keep it up for long as i know their engineers wont work for next to nothing.

Two jobs this week alone i have been to where this company had been and undertook some work.

Firstly, they changed a euro cylinder and charged £145.00!!!! When the customer asked how much i would charge? I informed him of the price which was way under £100, he was very shocked, in his words “I have been ripped off havent i?” Errr, yes!! They do this all the time mate.

Second job was a lock out to a flat, the gentleman had called me in to fit a lock as the other locksmith took over one and half hours just to get him in!!!!! A young chap around early twenties. I asked him what company it was and he checked his paperwork. When he found it i said not to tell me and to let me guess, i did and got it correct, i then guessed the price they charged and was withing £5. Customer asked if i knew this company.

I told him exactly what this company was like and that the lad they sent out was trained in a week only a few weeks ago, thats why he took so long. In the end he could not get in so just drilled the rim cylinder (yale) straight through and into the nightlatch the other side, took out the drilled cylinder put in a new one charged £138.00 then went. As you can see from this pics, there is a new cylinder fitted but never gave the customer any keys for it and never replaced the nightlatch!!

Luckily, both customers have mentioned they will be going to trading standards as the work is very over charged on both and on the second the standard of work is shocking. How this company sleeps at night i will never know.

Still he is happy now as its all nicely fitted and working fine.

So please please please be very careful when calling a locksmith out, look at the directories like Checkatrade and the Buy with confidence trading standards run directory. You know that companies on these sites have been vetted and checked.

These companies who advertise they are level 3 NCFE accredited are mainly using newly trained people as its the same company that trained them, in a week. And the fact that NCFE is an accreditation that has no significance in the locksmithing world as there are no formal qualifications for locksmiths in the UK, they advertise this to dupe the public into thinking they have the only qualified locksmiths in the UK, dont be fooled.

So tomorrow i have a busy day with various lock changes and who knows what else?

Till next time, stay safe and keep everything locked.


Pictures from job No 2

Rip off call centre works


At least he put in a new cylinder, but left no keys!!! lol









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